Top 10 Dubstep Tracks That Are Totally Badass

Check out the top 10 dubstep tracks as reviewed by ‘theraver’ and the crew. They’re not in any specific order. Enjoy!

1. Teminite – Firepower

To add to this great song is the robot looking thing.

2. Torque – Space Laces

This is some grungy-ass music.

3. Datsik & Virtual Riot – Nasty

This is nasty

4. SYN – Steel


5. SKRILLEX – Bangarang

I mean.. i have to include skrillex.

6. Omar Varela – Tomorrow

Its not tomorrow it is today.

7. Skrillex & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem

Yay, another skrillex song.

8. Syn – Synners

Creepy looking werewolf.

9. Bossfight – Nock Em

Yes! it is nock NOT knock

10. MDK – Press Start

I will press start on the song

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