Top 10 EDM Remixed Songs To Mix Things Up

These are our pick of the top 10 best EDM Remixed Songs as reviewed by ‘theraver’ and the crew. They’re not in any specific order. Enjoy!

1. Pharis – Blade (Remix)

F*ck this is cool

2. Duel of the Fates (Fallen Superhero Hardstyle Remix)

The true duel of the fates. NO im serious it should be.

3. Da Tweekaz – Scatman

Ska-badabadabadoo-belidabbelydabbladabbladabblabab-belibabbelibabbelibabbelabbelo-doobelidoo IM A SCATMAN

4. Crazy Frog – Axel F

Yes, i hate to say it but technically this little f*ck is a remix

5. Doom – At Doom’s Gate [Eurobeat Remix]

Drift and turn, until it is done.

6. Tony Igy – Astronomia (Zac Waters Remix)

if you want the drop go to 0:59

7. I Like To Move It (2016 Edit)

Proceed. Progress.

8. Popcorn Remix

yes the 70’s song has a slow-ass remix

9. Italobrothers – Stamp On The Ground (The Gentle Hardstyle Bootleg)

Stamp on the ground
Jump, jump, jump, jump
Moving all around

10. Teknova – Ievan Polkka 2k18

This song makes me jump

What’s your top remix track?
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