Top Ten Frenchcore Tracks To Get Your French On..

These are our pick of the top 10 Frenchcore tracks as reviewed by ‘theraver’ and the crew.

They’re not in any specific order.

1. Necromancer – The Führer (Frenchcore)

Trip to Germany

2. Dr. Peacock – Trip to Ireland

fck Fck Fck fckin – cool.

3. Pyrut – Ein, Zwei, Polizei

one, two police

4. Sefa – In De Hemel


5. Skull Demon & Dead N – Exodus

Exodus – a mass departure of people. I dont thin this is what it means

6. Sefa & Mc Focus – Wat Zullen We Drinken.

Wat is this. HA see wat i did there

7. Partyraiser & Bulletproof – Monster (Sefa Remix)

Grunge as f*ck

8. D-Frek & Dr. Peacock – Ode to Madness

Sh*t this is madness

9. Dr. Peacock & Partyraiser – Trip To Holland

Ow this is good though

10. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash – Reload

Is this a remix of somthing? I dont know though.

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