Top 10 Hardstyle Tracks To Get You Pumping

These are our pick of the top 10 best Hardstyle tracks as reviewed by ‘theraver’ and the crew. They’re not in any specific order. Enjoy!

1. Spooky Scary Skeletons (Phantazee Hardstyle Bootleg)

This song sends shivers down my spine. In a good way.

2. Kit Hype – In My Head

The Driving and the song are awesome.

3. The Prophet ft. Wildstylez – Cold Rockking (Gostosa Remix)

Just wait it takes time. It is worth it, trust me.

4. Duel of the Fates (Fallen Superhero Hardstyle Remix)

This is the true duel of the fates.

5. Minions Banana (Fireshock Hardstyle Edition)

Yes, it is good.

6. Headhunterz – Takin It Back

I do love my Headhunterz. A lot actually (the next one is better though)

7. Headhunterz – Dragonborn

This is the unrelenting force on your ears FUS-RO-DAH.

8. Dr. Peacock – Trip to Ireland

Not technically Hardstyle, but pretty – f*ck F*ck F*ck f*ckin – cool.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean – He’s a Pirate (DJ ToXiq Hardstyle Remix)

I love the movie and this song. Wait… mostly the song, because the movie is kinda crap.

10. Audiorockers & Matt Raiden – Dark Side

Huh, this is what it’s like when Darth Vader is on drugs. And also remember, it’s Matt Raiden not Matt Damon.

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